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When LogRhythm was founded, we established three underlying principles that guided us.  We wanted LogRhythm to be innovative, to focus on customer success, and to be a fun and rewarding place of work – where more often than not, a day in the office was a great day.

Out of these principles a remarkable company culture grew, and out of this culture a community was born.  Within this community are employees who care about our mission, who care about our customers.  Within this community are customers who feel our purpose and LogRhythm’s care for their success.  And for many, LogRhythm is more than a community, it is family.

Today, our community, our family, is feeling the impact of COVID-19.  Some are feeling the impact themselves; some are seeing the impact on others.  Through this fund, we seek to engage the same spirit that drives the LogRhythm culture and community toward the benefit of others.  The unique power of this fund is realized by the thousands of people in our community serving as its eyes and ears, finding those charities, organizations, and individuals who might not otherwise receive support. 

I hope you will join in this cause and help us help others, in this unique time of need.

Chris Petersen, LogRhythm co-founder

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